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Overview of the Ingenico Desk 5000 DC/WIFI/Bluetooth PINPAD

The INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH PINPAD is a robust and secure state-of-the-art payment terminal. Featuring PCI PTS 5.x certifications for superior hardware and data security, the INGENICO DESK 5000 is an ideal solution for low to medium traffic environments such as retail stores, restaurants, petrol stations, supermarkets and more. Furthermore, the sleek design makes integrating it with modern Point of Sale Software fast and easy. In addition to supporting connections via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi network; the INGENICO DESK 5000 also supports Bluetooth 4LE for setting up wireless communications with compatible peripherals such as cash registers and barcode scanners. With its fast EMV rate it’s no surprise that the INGENICO DESK 5000 is our recommended choice for businesses looking to improve their transactions speed while still maintaining high levels of safety when processing payments of any kind.


  • Brand: Ingenico
  • Product Type: PINpad
  • Length: 7.3″
  • Width: 3.2″
  • Width: 2.67″
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs
  • Processor: Cortex A5
  • Memory: Internal 512 MB Flash, 512 MB RAM | External MicroSD up to 32GB optional
  • OS: Telium TETRA
  • SIM: 2 SIM optional
  • SAM: 2 SAM | 3 SAM optional
  • Card Readers: Magstripe ISO 1/2/3, 500K lifespan | Smart card EMV Level 1, 500K lifespan | Contactless EMV Level 1
  • Display: 3.5″ backlit, HVGA (480×320) pixels
  • Touchscreen: Resistive, Capacitive
  • Keypad: 16 hardtop keys, Raised Marking, Backlit
  • Audio: Buzzer
  • Video Accelerator: H264 codec
  • Thermal Printer: Speed in l/s 20 l/s
  • Paper Roll Cage 2.28″ width x 1.57″ diameter
  • Terminal Connectivity: Bluetooth Class 2 | Wi-Fi
  • Terminal Connections: USB Host, USB Slave | Power Supply Dedicated power, Jack 1 RS232, 2nd RS232 optional
  • Power Supply: 16 W or 32 W
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C (32°F to 104°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
  • Operating Humidity: 85% non-condensing at +40°C (104°F)
  • Security: PCI PTS 5.x & 4.x

Benefits of using the Ingenico Desk 5000 DC/WIFI/Bluetooth PINPAD

The INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH PINPAD is truly a multifunctional powerhouse that can make your business run more smoothly. Not only does it enable faster, secure transactions, but it also provides flexibility and convenience when used in retail settings. With the INGENICO device, businesses can accept almost any payment method available. It comes with an integrated chip and pin card reader, making EMV payments easy and safe. Additionally, it includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so merchants no longer need to rely on traditional wired connections. As if that wasn’t enough, this reliable system also features a color touch screen for ease of use, making it the ideal solution for any point-of-sale setup.

Features and Specifications of the Ingenico Desk 5000 DC/WIFI/Bluetooth PINPAD

The INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH PINPAD is an ideal payment system for businesses looking to upgrade their technology. This pinpad features a large 3.5 inch color display that is easy to read and navigate when entering payment information. It also offers dual communication options with either wireless or direct connection capabilities. Additionally, users have access to smart card technology, digital check scan option, and several multilingual interfaces. With an ergonomic design, the INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH PINPAD makes it easier for customers to make fast payments in any store environment.

How to Set Up and Install an Ingenico Desk 5000 DC/WIFI/Bluetooth PINPAD

Setting up and installing INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH PINPAD is easy with just a few simple steps. First, connect the power supply cable for the pinpad by connecting power adaptor to the pinpad and plugging it into an electrical outlet. Secondly, use an Ethernet or USB connection to attach the Data Cable to INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH PINPAD and your terminal. Finally, if using Bluetooth make sure you set it up within range of your mobile device to establish a secure connection. Following these steps takes little time in order to get INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH PINPAD up and running quickly and with ease.

Troubleshooting Tips for Using an Ingenico Desk 5000 DC/WIFI/Bluetooth PINPAD

INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/Bluetooth PINPAD is designed to be a reliable and easy-to-use payment terminal, but networking problems can occur when first setting up the device. Fortunately, there are some troubleshooting tips you can use to get your INGENICO Desk 5000 running correctly. First, make sure the PINPAD has sufficient power; double check that the AC power adapter is firmly connected and turned on if charging via wall adapter. Additionally, confirm that the wireless access points are within range and configured properly. If using a hub or router, it should be powered on and connected directly to the INGENICO Desk 5000. Finally, verify that all cables and ports are securely attached as loose connections can cause networking issues as well. Following these simple steps should help resolve INGENICO Desk 5000 issues related to networking.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Ingenico Desk 5000 DC Wifi Bluetooth Pinpad

The INGENICO DESK 5000 DC/WIFI/BLUETOOTH PINPAD has a number of advantages and disadvantages to consider when considering it for a business. On the plus side, you’ll enjoy faster transactions and improved accuracy due to its cutting-edge interface and functionality. It supports also multiple payment methods, so customers can select from credit cards and electronic transfers at checkout. You’ll also benefit from increased security features, such as anti-skimming technology and secure payment encryption, that protect your customers and their data from fraud. However, there are some drawbacks – the INGENICO Desk 5000 is expensive to purchase and requires ongoing maintenance for continued performance. Additionally, the device may not be compatible with all softwares used in country-specific stores or businesses in other countries. Ultimately, you must evaluate whether the INGENICO Desk 5000’s benefits outweigh its costs in order to determine if it is right for your business needs.

The Future of Payment Processing with the Ingenico Desk5000DC Wifi Bluetooth Pinpad

The INGENICO Desk5000DC Wifi Bluetooth Pinpad is revolutionizing the future of payment processing. Its dual-handed design allows customers to quickly and easily input payments in an ergonomic, intuitive way that saves time, boosts customer satisfaction, and encourages repeat business. Not only does it support credit/debit/gift cards transactions, but it also offers contactless mobile wallet transactions, allowing customers to pay with their preferred method. The INGENICO Desk5000DC ensures reliability and secure payments with advanced encryption technology, providing peace of mind to both customers and merchants alike. With the INGENICO Desk5000DC Wifi Bluetooth Pinpad paving the way for a new era of payment processing, now is the time for businesses to ensure they are up to date on the latest technology advances in order to remain competitive.