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Overview of the Clover Mini Bundle and its features

The Clover Mini Bundle contains all the features your business needs to succeed. Clover’s countertop card reader is easy to use and provides industry-level security for customer credit and debit card payments. Plus, Clover also has other features designed with business owners in mind, like invoicing and employee support. Clover’s app marketplace offers bespoke services like loyalty programs, online ordering systems, appointment scheduling tools, and more. And with Clover Mobile you get a touchscreen Android tablet that lets you take advantage of all these great features while on the go. With the Clover Mini Bundle you always have access to the best solutions available for your business.


  • Inventory Management: Set up items, categories, and modifiers; move or transfer orders; add items to partially paid orders
  • Bundled Apps: Orders, Register, Promos, Rewards, Employees, Reporting, and others
  • Discounts: Apply discounts at the order level
  • Taxes: Set up and automatically apply taxes at the item level
  • Payments: Contactless and traditional payments, paperless receipts, and offline payment mode
  • Reporting: Track sales with item-level reporting
  • Employee Management: Set up employee logins and access permissions
  • Security: $100,000 liability protection against data breaches

Benefits of using the Clover Mini bundle for small businesses

The Clover Mini Bundle is a revolutionary solution for small businesses that combine multiple systems into one device. With the Clover Mini Bundle, merchants have access to a powerful payment processor, a built-in customer-facing display, and an EMV chip reader in one compact unit. It’s faster and more efficient than using separate devices or software, making it easier for merchants to track their sales and process payments with the most up-to-date security features. Moreover, Clover’s customer service team is available 24/7 to provide technical support if difficulties arise, allowing small businesses to get back to business as quickly as possible. With its simple setup and intuitive design, the Clover Mini Bundle is the perfect choice for any business looking for an efficient and secure way to streamline their operations. Also if you are looking to buy Clover Mini or Clover Mini Special you can easily buy at POS Hexa to enhance smartness of your business.

Step-by-step guide on how to set up your Clover Mini Bundle

Setting up your Clover Mini Bundle doesn’t have to be a confusing task! Simply follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be ready to start taking payments in no time. First, plug the power adapter into an outlet, along with Clover Mini’s power cord. Then, connect Clover Mini to the internet using Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. After that, open Clover Station and Sign Up for Clover Payments (don’t forget your email address!). Finally, run through the simple account setup process and you’re good to go. With Clover Mini’s intuitive setup guide and easy installation process, it’s never been simpler to get started with electronic payments!

Tips and tricks for optimizing your use of the Clover Mini Bundle

Many businesses are turning to Clover Mini Bundles to optimize their point of sale system. This bundle includes the Clover Mini terminal, Clover Dock, cash drawer and receipt printer. An optimized Clover Mini Bundle requires a few additional tips and tricks. For example, you can easily manage your customer feedback using Clover Insights Plus or take advantage of Clover Promotion Solutions to track spending and reward loyalty. Additionally, Clover makes it easy to integrate with existing third-party services so you can quickly sync with Square, QuickBooks and more. By following these simple tips and tricks for optimizing your use of the Clover Mini Bundle, you’ll be sure to get the highest return on your investments!

Common problems and solutions when using a Clover Mini Bundle in a business setting

Clover Mini Bundles are a great solution for businesses looking to simplify their payment-processing setup. However, implementation of a Clover Mini Bundle can be tricky. Common problems experienced by users include incorrect settings, hardware glitches, and software compatibility issues. To ensure successful Clover Mini Bundle integration into your business’s workflow, it is important to first customize the settings according to the business’s needs and preferences. Additionally, keeping all hardware accessories up to date and making sure that any software being used is compatible with the Clover Mini Bundle are additional steps that should be taken before rolling out the Clover system in a business setting. With these simple considerations in place, Clover Mini Bundles can provide small and medium sized businesses with all the resources they need to serve their customers quickly and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What is included in a Clover Mini Bundle?

A Clover Mini bundle includes the Clover Mini device, power cord, Ethernet cable, thermal receipt paper and setup guide.

Can I use my own printer with the Clover Mini?

Yes, you can connect your own compatible printer via USB or Bluetooth to the Clover Mini.

Does it come with a merchant account?

No, a merchant account is not included in the bundle but must be acquired separately to accept card payments.

Is there any additional software required for set up?

Depending on what type of business you have and what features you want to use with your clover mini there may be some third party applications that will need to be downloaded prior to use.

How do I get started using my clover mini after purchase ?

After purchasing your bundle , follow instructions provided by clover such as downloading their app store , creating an account , connecting devices , setting up taxes & discounts etc . Once all these steps are complete you should be able to get started using clover mini bundle.