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Overview of CLOVER MOBILE and its features

CLOVER MOBILE is a revolutionary advancement in small business technology. It enables merchants to accept payments anywhere, quickly and securely. CLOVER MOBILE includes features such as scanning barcodes, signature capture, cash drawer access and managing employee time cards. Providing business owners with the tools they need to be better organized and more efficient, CLOVER MOBILE helps entrepreneurs keep track of customer orders, sales performance, inventory and other important aspects of their business. CLOVER MOBILE also offers customer facing displays for customer engagement at the point of sale. This innovative product from CLOVER allows small businesses to run like big businesses with its comprehensive payment options and suite of cutting-edge features.

How to set up and use CLOVER MOBILE for your business

CLOVER MOBILE is the perfect tool for businesses hoping to streamline their processes on-the-go. CLOVER MOBILE allows you to integrate mobile into the point of sale, allowing you to access your retail system while away from the store. Setting up CLOVER MOBILE is a breeze – simply connect CLOVER MOBILE to your existing merchant services and start using it immediately! With CLOVER MOBILE you can easily manage transactions, item tracking, employee timecards, and more. Furthermore, CLOVER MOBILE’s secure infrastructure provides your payment information with an extra layer of protection for both customers and employees. Streamline your business operations with CLOVER MOBILE today and make management simpler than ever before.


1. Ability to accept multiple credit and debit payment types
2. Swipe (MSR)
3. EMV (chip + PIN; chip + signature)
4. Contactless (including Apple Pay)
5. PIN Debit
6. Barcode scanner
7. Front-facing camera
8. 2 connectivity options: wireless only or wireless + 3G (requires data plan)
9. 7″ Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass display screen
10. Lasts all day on a single charge


Whether you need to be table side, on delivery, away from the counter, with a client, or at an event, Clover POS Mobile goes with you.

1. Full-service restaurants
2. Quick-service restaurants
3. Personal services
4. Retail
5. Food Trucks

Benefits of using CLOVER MOBILE in the workplace

CLOVER MOBILE has revolutionized how businesses run day-to-day operations. CLOVER MOBILE is a mobile point of sale solution that allows companies to efficiently manage transactions and payments in any setting, whether it’s at an event or in a physically distant workplace. CLOVER MOBILE makes it much easier for business owners to collect payments from customers by providing them with multiple payment options, including cash, credit cards, and Apple Pay. Additionally, CLOVER MOBILE significantly simplifies the tracking of inventory and sales data, allowing business owners to take better control of their operations thus increasing their sales performance. All in all, CLOVER MOBILE offers vast benefits for businesses looking for modern business solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

Security measures taken by CLOVER MOBILE to protect customer data

CLOVER MOBILE takes security very seriously, and offers several layers of protection for the data provided by their customers. CLOVER MOBILE utilizes a secure socket layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt private data, making it much more difficult for third parties to access such information. CLOVER MOBILE also uses a combination of firewalls and anti-virus software in order to detect malicious activity and protect customer accounts from potential threats. Moreover, CLOVER MOBILE’s website also includes two-factor authentication as an extra security measure for customers logging in or making payments. All these measures demonstrate CLOVER MOBILE’s dedication to protecting their customers’ private data.

Tips on how to maximize the efficiency of CLOVER MOBILE for your business needs

CLOVER MOBILE is a useful tool for businesses looking to maximize their efficiency. From streamlined checkout processes to secure, wireless credit card reader functions, CLOVER MOBILE offers a range of features that enable businesses of all sizes to execute transactions with ease. Business owners can also utilize CLOVER MOBILE to build product catalogs and make promotional plans, allowing them to get the most out of their sales experiences. Furthermore, CLOVER MOBILE allows users to track sales histories and edit inventory while on-site, making real-time decisions from anytime, anywhere. Taking full advantage of CLOVER MOBILE’s features is key for businesses wanting to increase their efficiency and make the most out of every day operations.