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Overview of the Ingenico Desk 3500 Bundle

INGENICO’s Desk 3500 Bundle is a complete point-of-sale payment solution designed to help retailers streamline their point-of-sale transactions. This bundle includes a INGENICO Desk 3500 terminal, receipt printer, pinpad and cash drawer. The INGENICO Desk 3500 is a powerful and reliable terminal that offers flexibility in payment methods including EMV chip cards, signature capture, contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, NFC tap-and-go payments, gift cards and loyalty cards among other features. The INGENICO Desk 3500 Bundle makes it easy for retailers to accept payments efficiently and securely – providing merchants with the confidence that their customers’ data is secure throughout each transaction. Save time, save hassle and accept every type of payment securely with INGENICO’s Desk 3500 Bundle.


  • Brand: Ingenico
  • Product Type: PINpad Terminal
  • Color: Black
  • Terminal Length: 7.3″
  • Terminal Width: 3.2″
  • Terminal Depth: 2.6″
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs
  • Processor: Cortex A5
  • Memory: 256 MB Flash / 128 MB RAM
  • OS: Tealium TETRA
  • SAM: 2
  • Card Readers: ISO 1/2/3, 500K lifespan | EMV Level 1, 500K lifespan | EMV Level 1 compliant
  • Display: 2.8″ display, backlit, QVGA (320×240 pixels)
  • Keypad: 20 Ergonomic Keys, Raised Marking
  • Audio: Buzzer
  • Thermal Printer: 20 lines/s
  • Printer Paper Roll: 2.28″ W x 1.57″
  • Terminal Connectivity: Dial-up MODEM, Ethernet 10/100 base T
  • Power Supply: 24W
  • Terminal Connections: 1 USB Host | 1 USB Slave | Dedicated power jack | 1 RS232
  • Security: PCI-PTS 5.x
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to +40°C)
  • Storage Temperature: -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to +55°C)
  • Operating Humidity: 85% non-condensing at 104°F (+40°C)

Benefits of Using the Ingenico Desk 3500 Bundle

The INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle is an efficient, reliable, and secure solution for merchants who need a comprehensive point-of-sale terminal. This bundle comes with all you need from the INGENICO Desk 3500 terminal to surface mounted accessories like a keypad and customer display for added convenience. Moreover, it provides high speed and strong connectivity capabilities with its state-of-the-art EMV technology – making it ideal for processing both card payments and cashless transactions. Additionally, this bundle not only ensures data security and reliability but also promotes ease of use through its user friendly interface. In other words, the INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle is an excellent choice that offers superior performance in every aspect while safeguarding your customers’ data increasingly important today.

Different Features and Options Available with the Ingenico Desk 3500 Bundle

The INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle is an all-in-one solution that brings convenience to merchants who need payment capabilities. This bundle includes a payment terminal, PIN pad, paper rolls, power cord and charging base. Not only does this bundle come with robust features like the ability to accept debit and credit cards (EMV Chip & PIN, Chip & Signature), contactless payments (Apple Pay®, Google Pay™) and more – it also has a unique range of options such as personalizing settings and flexible programming for all levels of customers. The INGENICO DESK 3500 bundle offers unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency – allowing businesses to focus on building relationships with their customers instead of worrying about managing payments.

How to Set Up and Use the Ingenico Desk 3500 Bundle

Setting up and using the INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle is a simple and painless process. This Bundles includes everything you need to get started running credit card payments – INGENICO’s DESK 3500 terminal, power cable, ethernet cable, paper roll, counter-top stand and PC software. Unpacking the INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle is the first step in setting up your payment processing device: unpack the INGENICO terminal and its accessories, then plugging them into an appropriate power source. The INGENICO Touch Card Reader is also included, allowing merchants to accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay or Google PayTM. By using INGENICO’s world-renowned security protocols and EMV chip technology, businesses are able to keep their customer’s information safe while ensuring a quick and secure payment system every time. With one of these bundles in place, customers can rest assured that they are receiving safe and secure transactions any time they use their credit cards.

Troubleshooting Tips for Common Issues with the Ingenico Desk 3500 Bundle

To ensure that your INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle is running smoothly, here are a few helpful troubleshooting tips for common issues. Double check all the wires are properly connected and secured to both the terminal and power source. Make sure you’re running the most current version of software with the Batch report functionality turned on. To reduce interference from other wireless devices around the INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle, try placing it at least three feet away from operational microwave ovens or other wireless sources such as Wi-Fi network hotspots. Finally, always complete shift management functions prior to closing which will reset key buffers and clear out residual data while preparing accurate sales sets for batching.

Security Measures Included in The Ingenico Desk 3500 Bundle

The INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle is a payment terminal that’s designed to make transactions simpler, more secure and faster. The bundle comes with its own fraud prevention software to protect your transactions. It also comes with high-security encryption technology which encrypts card numbers, PINs, debit and credit card details before they are sent over the internet. Furthermore, it features contactless QR scanning so customers can securely pay using their phone or smart watch at supported locations. Additionally, The INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle provides advanced data breach prevention with reliable fraud detection systems that prevent any unlawful use of customer information such as bank account or credit card details.

Advantages of Investing in an Ingenico Desk 3500 Bundle Compared to Other Payment Solutions

Investing in an INGENICO DESK 3500 Bundle is a great choice for merchants looking to maximize their payment processing efficiency. Unlike other solutions, this bundle offers an all-in-one system with advanced features including EMV chip card readers and contactless payment options – both of which are quickly becoming the gold standard in customer checkout experience. In addition, INGENICO’s advanced security algorithms protect consumer data while improving transaction speed – eliminating delays that can frustrate customers and make it difficult to keep reliable sales records. In short, opting for INGENICO’s Desk 3500 Bundle clinches a better customer service experience your customers will appreciate, while providing added ease and accuracy when it comes to payments from behind the counter.