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Overview of the Ingenico IWL 220/250 Charging Base

INGENICO’s IWL 220/250 Charging Base is an ergonomic device for those who need to charge their INGENICO card readers. It features a sleek design and can wirelessly connect two terminals for simple charging. Featuring green and red status LEDs, it’s easy to see when the base is in use. The INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base isn’t just a one-size-fits-all – it’s also compatible with many INGENICO devices that offer dual connectivity options. And, its easily adjustable base makes it perfect for any desk or counter setup. With its robust design and long-lasting power source, this INGENICO product will keep your card readers charged and ready so you can focus on running your business.


  • Brand: Ingenico
  • Product Type: Charging Base
  • Charging PINpad: IWL 220/250
  • Color: Black
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Includes: Power Supply Cable

Troubleshooting Common Issues with the Ingenico IWL 220/250 Charging Base

Knowing how to troubleshoot common issues with the INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base will save you a lot of effort when it comes to setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting your wireless payment receipt machine. Issues such as difficulty receiving payments or failed connection attempts can prove to be extremely frustrating if not dealt with promptly. Checking wiring, cables, power supplies and attempting hard resets are all quick steps that could help resolve any trouble you have with your INGENICO base. With many ways to add extra layers of security and convenience, this device’s various settings can offer consistency and even more protection while using your INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base.


What is the INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base?

The INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base is a charging device designed to work with the INGENICO IWL 220 and 250 series of wireless terminals. This device allows users to charge their wireless terminals quickly and efficiently, helping them to stay connected and productive in their day-to-day activities. The base provides an easy solution for businesses that need to keep their mobile devices charged on-the-go. It features two USB ports, allowing customers to charge multiple devices at once.Additionally, it has an LED indicator light that lets users know when the charging process has begun and when it has finished. The INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base is a reliable and affordable way for businesses to ensure that their mobile devices remain powered up wherever they go.

What are the benefits of using the INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base?

The INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base offers several advantages over other types of charging solutions. Its two USB ports allow users to charge multiple devices at once, streamlining the charging process and saving time. Additionally, its LED indicator light lets users know when their device is finished charging so they don’t have to guess whether or not it’s ready for use again. This device also helps protect against power surges and short circuits, ensuring that your valuable electronics are safe while they’re being powered up. Finally, its compact size makes it easy to transport around with you wherever you go, giving you peace of mind knowing your electronics will always be ready when you need them most.

How does the INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base work?

The INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base works by connecting directly into a compatible wall outlet via its built-in AC adapter (not included). Once plugged in, users can connect up to two USB cables from their devices into the base’s two USB ports (also not included). An LED indicator light located on the front of the base will glow when a connection has been established between it and your device(s). As soon as power is detected in one or both of these USB ports, the LED will indicate whether charging is currently taking place or has finished successfully.

Does the INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base come with any safety features?

Yes! While most other chargers may lack safety features entirely or only offer basic protection against short circuits and surges, this charger takes things a step further with built-in protection against overcharging as well as temperature fluctuations during use. This ensures that no matter what type of environment your device finds itself in (whether hot or cold), your valuable electronics won’t suffer any damage while they’re being powered up each time you use this charger – making it one of most reliable ways available today for keeping your electronic devices fully charged no matter where life takes you!

Is there any way to tell if my device(s) are connected properly?

Yes! An LED indicator light located on the front of the INGENICO IWL 220/250 Charging Base will glow if one or both USB cables are properly attached from your devices into either port on this charger – meaning you’ll never have to wonder if everything is connected correctly before powering up again! Additionally, this same LED light can also indicate whether or not charging is currently occurring within either port as well – giving you yet another layer of convenience when powering up all your favorite gadgets each time!