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Overview of the Verifone E355 Special – features and benefits

The VERIFONE E355 Special offers businesses highly efficient and reliable payment solutions. With faster credit card transactions, cashless payments and improved security, its ease-of-use helps drive sales by streamlining operations for merchants. Employing advanced commerce technologies such as near field communication (NFC) and EMV chip reader certified, the VERIFONE E355 provides a modern experience with dynamic options that optimize customer interactions. Additionally, it comes with an anti-microbial finish so customers can be safe and confident while using the POS device. This makes the VERIFONE E355 Special the ideal choice for any merchant looking to increase their success rate with its streamlined hardware setup process and intuitive software upgrades available from its cloud hosting.

How to set up your Verifone E355 Special

Setting up your VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL is a breeze when prepared with the right steps. To begin, unpack the VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL, plug it into its power supply and connect it to a secure Wi-Fi network using the set up guide provided. Next, configure the VERIFONE by setting all preferences as desired such as merchant ID, currency, language and other options. Lastly, choose a payment gateway to process payments and easily accept credit cards or contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Once done, VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL will be ready to start taking payments from customers in no time!

Advantages of using a Verifone E355 Special for business transactions

The VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL is the perfect device for businesses looking to simplify their transactions. This device offers many advantages that can increase the efficiency of your transactions while also providing added security. The VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL offers a larger touchscreen, faster transaction processing speed, and more ways to pay than traditional devices. It also provides extra layers of encryption and cardholder verification feature that go beyond standard payment protection measures and help keep customer data secure. This device also enables quick refunds so customers will never have to wait. All in all, businesses that use the VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL will benefit from its easy-to-use features and powerful protections that keep customers safe and happy.

Security features included in the Verifone E355 Special

The VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL is the ultimate in cash register security. It features come with powerful features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and automatic software updates to keep all your sensitive data safe and secure. It also has built-in fraud prevention tools including EMV card readers and chip-and-PIN technology that guard against theft and fraudulent activity. Additionally, VERIFONE’s secure out-of-the box solutions allow for complete control of your entire payment system with no need for extra programming or IT setup. VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL makes it easy to keep your business safe from unexpected financial and data risks.

Tips on how to maximize efficiency when using the Verifone E355 Special

The VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL is an incredibly efficient device, however to maximize its potential, there are a few tips that users should be aware of. First, creating quick and easy access cards with saved payment information can help save time during transactions and reduce the chance of errors. Additionally, ensuring all software and firmware systems are up to date will ensure best performance. Finally, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL’s features and settings can ensure that you are making full use of the device’s capabilities – unlocking even greater efficiency gains. With these tips in mind, using VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL technology should be faster and easier for both customers and businesses alike.

Troubleshooting common issues with the Verifone E355 Special

Troubleshooting common issues with the VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL requires an understanding of how to identify where the problem lies. To start, check if the power source works properly – ensure that cables are not loose and that the correct charger is being used. Inspect the surrounding area to make sure nothing is impeding on normal operations such as cords or other items blocking areas like card slots or keypads. It’s also important to check for blockages within the internal components, so it may be beneficial to perform regular cleanings of your VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL device. Troubleshooting will vary depending on each individual issue, so it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with all relevant procedures beforehand.

Best practices for maintaining your Verifone E355 special for optimal performance

The VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL is a specialized device built for secure financial transactions, so proper maintenance and upkeep are essential for optimal performance. To maintain this device, consistently check the printer paper and make sure no foreign objects or dust obstruct the card reader. It’s also important to frequently inspect the battery and contact plate inside to help ensure safe usage. Additionally, always make sure that the VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL gets updated with the latest firmware released by your payment provider in order to keep it up-to-date with today’s fast-changing tech environment. Following these best practices will ensure the VERIFONE E355 SPECIAL continues performing at its peak!