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Overview of the Verifone VX680 WIFI

The VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE is an all-in-one point-of-sale system, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to make their transactions easier and more efficient. Featuring European wireless technology, it helps you save time and money by allowing small business owners to accept payments using multiple payment methods, including cash, debit and credit card payments. It comes with a super fast 3G connection, a colour touchscreen display and built-in security features to protect your customers’ data. With this bundle, you get access to integration with over 500 different apps and services from leading providers such as Shopify, First Data and PayPal. This VERIFONE solution can make any business stand out in the competitive market today with its reliable and easy to use design that sets it apart from other solutions available on the market.


  • Brand: Verifone
  • Product Type: Terminal
  • Length: 6.77″
  • Width: 3.23″
  • Height: 2.44″
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs
  • Processor: 400 MHz ARM11 32-bit RISC
  • Memory: 192MB (128MB Flash/ 64MB SDRAM)
  • Display: 3.5″ color QVGA, resistive touch screen
  • Operating System: Verix
  • Touch Screen: Resistive touch
  • Printer: 18 lps, 38mm paper roll
  • EMV Smart Card Reader: EMV level 1 & 2 Type Approved
  • Battery: Li-Ion 7.2V/1800mAh
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
  • Relative Humidity: 5% to 90%, non-condensing
  • Other Standard Features: 3 SAM slots, audio/video player
  • Includes: Terminal, power supply, 1 roll paper

Benefits and features of the Verifone VX680 WIFI Bundle

The VERIFONE VX680 WIFI Bundle is your business’ dream come true. This bundle offers you the best of both worlds by providing all the great features of VERIFONE’s VX 6×8 product line, but with the added benefit of WIFI connectivity. With this device, you can securely process credit and debit cards, as well as accept major mobile payments such as GoogleWallet and Apple Pay. The VERIFONE VX680 WIFI Bundle also includes a fully integrated thermal printer that allows merchant/customer interaction to occur in just a few seconds. Plus, it has an easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes accessing information simpler than ever. It’s absolutely perfect for businesses looking for a fast, secure payment solution!

How to set up and configure the Verifone VX680 WIFI Bundle

The VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE is a powerful mobile payment terminal that makes accepting payments easier than ever. Setting up and configuring the VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE can seem daunting, but it’s actually quite simple; with the right instructions and guidance, you could be ready to accept payments in no time at all. First, ensure your VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE has power and is fully charged. After that, using its built-in touchscreen interface, connect to your Wi-Fi network and complete the necessary administrative settings. Finally, set up the card reader and enter your merchant processor settings before running a test transaction to make sure everything is securely configured. With these few steps, you should soon be ready to start taking payments!

Troubleshooting tips for common issues with the Verifone VX680 WIFI Bundle

Learning how to troubleshoot common issues with the VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE can save time, money and frustration. To resolve most VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE related problems, start by resetting the device, as this simple step has mostly fixed all reported VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE issues. Make sure to also check the telecom network setup, since it’s crucial that all VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE electronic components are functioning properly at all times. Replacing cables or resetting the printer if necessary is also a key part of maintaining VERIFONA VX680 WIFI BUNDLE operations. Following these simple troubleshooting tips should help maximize VERIFONE VX680 WIFI BUNDLE performance and reliability.

Best practices when using a Verifone VX680 WIFI Bundle in your business

The Verifone VX680 WIFI bundle is becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes as a payment processing solution. To ensure its safe and secure use, it pays to understand some key best practices when using it. Firstly, make sure your business has adequate data security measures in place that meet the standards of organizations like PCI DSS. Secondly, keep all passwords secure and regularly updated in order to prevent unauthorized access. Finally, set up an encryption system and encrypt your wireless connection to ensure that sensitive customer data is always kept confidential. If done well, the Verifone VX680 WIFI bundle can help you create a secure environment for accepting payments without worry or hassle.

Tips on how to maximize efficiency with your Verifone VX680 WIFI bundle

Whether you’re just unwrapping your VERIFONE VX680 WIFI bundle for the first time or have had one for years, there are a few quick tips and tricks that can help maximize its efficiency. For starters, considering investing in a charging cradle which holds up to 4 Verifone devices, allowing you to charge them while not in use and easily move them between checkout lanes. Regularly backing up your payment data is also vital to ensuring the proper flow of transactions. Lastly, protecting the terminals with EMV shields adds an extra layer of security while using the VERIFONE VX680 WIFI bundle. Following these simple guidelines will help ensure that your Verifone device runs smoothly and efficiently every day.

Examples of businesses that have successfully used a Verifone VX680 WIFI bundle

The Verifone VX680 WIFI bundle is a powerful tool used by a variety of businesses to drive more sales and serve customers in a more efficient way. For example, Fast Lane Car Wash recently implemented a VERIFONE VX680 WIFI bundle as part of their checkout experience and found that it improved their customer satisfaction scores significantly. Employees can take payments anywhere on the property with ease, including in outdoor waiting areas, allowing customers on the fly convenience for their car wash services. Quick shop stores across the US have also seen great success using the VERIFONE VX680 WIFI bundle – allowing them to accept debit and credit card payments over reliable wireless connections no matter how busy their retail storefronts get. The VERIFONE VX680 WIFI bundle has been widely accepted by many different types of businesses across different industries due to its reliability, flexibility, and affordability.